Bathroom Fan Purchasing Guide

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A bathrooms fan is critical to complete the indoor ventilation system of your house. They are useful for removing offensive odors and humid air. Bathroom fans are often called vent fans, bathroom exhausts, or bath fan vents.

What to Know When Buying a Bathroom Fan

Bathrooms fans are designed for varying degrees of ventilation needs. Their exhaust capabilities are defined by the number of digits against the CFM rating. You must buy a fan with a rating of at least 50 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Calculate the CPM requirement of your bathroom by multiplying the length, width, and height. Then divide by 60 multiply by 8 to determine the minimum CFM rating.

Inline Fans

Inline fans are only recommended for cramped bathrooms that do not have a clear, defined ceiling space for proper installation. This type of installation costs a lot more than conventional bathroom fans.

Ceiling Mounted Fans

Ceiling mounted fans are the most common installation format. This type of fan is connected to the ceiling ducts. Moisture is expelled through an external vent. You can use this type of fan if you want to minimize the cost.

Wall Mounted Fans

A wall-mounted fan is installed directly on the wall, removing the need for ductwork. It is the cheapest form of installation, along with the window bathroom fan. Owing to the smaller windows usually found in bathrooms, there are size limitations.