Bathroom Floor Covering Ideas

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Today, there are many varied choices regarding bathroom floor covering. Listed below are short descriptions of all the available options for covering your bathroom floor.


The biggest advantage of carpets is that they feel soft under the foot and are non-slip. Also, carpets are relatively cheaper than the other available options. Using carpets has its own drawbacks. If you do not clean your carpet regularly, it will become dirty and mucky. Also, after a few years, you will need to change your carpet, regardless of your cleaning regime. Nowadays, foam-backed carpets have become quite popular for bathroom usage. While these have certain advantages over the regular carpets, you can choose either option.

Carpet Tiles

The single biggest advantage of carpet tiles is that when a particular area gets dirty, you only have to change that particular tile. Keep in mind that there is not much variety in carpet tiles, so if you are looking for a specific color or pattern, you should opt for carpets. Another disadvantage of carpet tiles is that they are not as easy to clean.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have gained popularity as ideal bathroom floors. For one, ceramic tiles are non-porous and can be cleaned easily. Also, they are resistant to moisture and allergens, reducing the chances of infection. They are also very easy to install and are available in many different colors and patterns. When it comes to the negatives, the only major drawback is that they are prone to breakage during installation. Also, these tiles are cold to touch and slippery when wet. If you choose to use ceramic tiles, consider using a bathroom rug to overcome some limitations.


Using stone is an expensive option, but if you have the money, it can add beauty and elegance to any room. Available in different colors and textures, depending on the stone used (limestone, marble, granite, slate, etc.), stone tiles are considerably durable. They are cold and slippery when wet, so consider using sealants and under-floor heating.


Laminates are the least popular choice of flooring for your bathroom. While there are manufacturers who provide laminate flooring options for bathrooms, there are many restrictions involved to ensure durability. Keep in mind that laminate flooring for bathrooms requires a specific installation technique. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is much easier to install. It is similar to laminates in appearance. The advantage that vinyl has over laminates is that it is waterproof. Among the drawbacks of vinyl is that it can be quite slippery when wet, albeit it is never cold.


Nowadays, bamboo flooring is being used in bathrooms. As compared to the other hardwood flooring, bamboo is far more suitable. There are 2 types of finishes available in bamboo, namely, natural and carbonated. The former is considered to be tougher. Installation techniques for bamboo floors are varied, so always check with your manufacturer before installation.


The color or pattern of the flooring can significantly impact the look and feel of your bathroom. Use lighter colors to keep your bathroom looking clean and spacious.

When deciding the choice of flooring, remember that waterproofing your bathroom floor is crucial. Water not only damages your floor, but it also causes the build-up of mildew and mold.