Floor Tile Design for Bathrooms of All Shapes and Sizes

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When it comes to bathroom floor tile design, homeowners are not locked into any rules. You can design any type of tile floor that you want with a little bit of creativity. Remodeling a bathroom not only gives it a facelift, but it also adds your own personality and flair. Consider these ideas for your bathroom floor tile.

Solid Color Design

Many homeowners choose a solid color. It's easier and saves money. It may seem unexciting, but depending on the type of tile you have on the wall, an elaborate design on the floor might not fit. Choose a color that matches the rest of the bathroom.

All White Design

Sometimes the most elegant of design is found in the most simplest form. A bathroom with sparkling white tile is a place to relax and enjoy the harmony. White tile has received rather harsh criticism by some designers, but it is easy to clean and creates a modern style.

Mosaic Tile Design

A mosaic of colors is quite distinguished. There does not have to be a set color pattern. You can let your creativity run wild and capture your personality. Watch out for colors that are too bright or dark; they detract from the rest of the room. Warm colors that are blended together with 3 or 4 different colors work best with a mosaic design. Incorporate the rest of the colors into the mosaic tile design for a great look to a bathroom.

Flagstone Tile for Odd Shapes

Bathrooms come in many different shapes. The different elements, such as the vanity, toilet, tub, shower, and closet, can be configured in a multitude of ways. The floor pattern can be quite irregular. Make use of the irregularity with flagstone tiles. They are not cut into the normal squares. They are eclectic in nature because there is no true shape to them.

Patterned Tile Design

Consider the patterns that you like. Choose tiles that can be maneuvered into one of these pattern. Create the pattern without mortar to ensure that you can easily fit around the corners and other fixtures. Once you have the pattern, use the mortar to permanently install the tile.