Bathroom Mirror Tiles: 3 Project Ideas

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Mirror tiles are a cheaper alternative to bathroom mirrors. They come in shapes such as squares, hexagons, or circles. They are also available with straight or beveled edges. Bathroom mirror tiles can be a visual art piece. They can be purchased with self adhesive backing and are easy to install.

Square Mirror Tiles - Full Length Mirror

Square mirror tiles can be used for full length mirrors on the backs of doors, on cupboards, or on walls. First draw a straight line using a ruler and pencil, where the top of the mirror is going to be. Using a tile as a template, mark out the width and length of the mirror, placing a mark between each tile measured. The marks can be used as a guide to keep the mirrored tiles straight.

Hexagonal Mirror Tiles - Interesting Edges

Hexagonal mirror tiles make eye catching bathroom mirrors and can be arranged in a circular, square, or rectangular shape. Before putting mirror tiles into place, use a pencil and ruler to draw the shape of your mirror on the wall. Then use a tile as a template to mark in each tile.

Round Mirror Tiles - Portholes

Round mirror tiles look great as portholes and can compliment a bathroom well. Draw a straight line using a pencil and ruler. Place a round mirror tile on the edge of the line and trace around the tile. Measure the distance that you want between each tile, tracing around the tile between each measurement. It's much easier to keep tiles straight if you measure first.