Bathroom Paint Colors That Best Complement Your Fixtures

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What are the bathroom paint colors that look best with the fixtures you have? Think about the big picture when choosing the color of paint. Remember that it is the most easily changed design feature in the room.

Find a Complementary Look

Read the latest bathroom books and magazines for the hottest colors for bathrooms right now. Then look at your fixtures and see which colors will work well. To create a very stylish design, you can use a lighter version of the color on the walls, then put some dark versions of the color in the linens and accent pieces. If your fixtures are light, try a darker paint and lighter accessories.

For example, if you have peach colored fixtures, try a dark, terra cotta paint on at least 1 of the walls. The peach fixtures will fade with a strong, deep color. Chocolate brown is also a modern color that looks great with peach or pink fixtures. Old fixtures are sometimes the most difficult to deal with, since they may be in a color that is no longer stylish. With the right paint color, you can make them work.

Take a Theme Approach

Look at your fixtures and find a popular theme. For example, a tropical or Mediterranean theme would be great with nearly any color of fixture. Avoid pastels and choose strong colors so that the fixtures don't dominate the room. Try fuchsia, turquoise, brick, gold, or brown. Then finish the look with trendy accessories.