Most Common Tiling Mistakes for Bathroom Remodelers to Avoid

tile bathroom

You have decided to retile your bathroom floor to give it a new look or increase its resale value. While tiling may seem like an easy task, to achieve efficiency and a quality layout, you must stick to a well laid-out process and avoid common pitfalls like the following.

Not Preparing Properly

Start with the preparatory work. Clean the surface by removing dirt and debris. Take steps to make the surface smooth and level. Make sure you have enough non-slip tiles and select a water-resistant adhesive.

Using Inappropriate Tools

Its imperative to use the right tools for the right task. They include bubble levels or battens to lay the tiles in a straight line. You also need t-spacers for accurate spacing between the tile, a tile cutter, and a grout spreader.

Cutting the Tiles Incorrectly

Carefully and neatly cut the tiles at the marked point to avoid chipping and breaking. Doing so will prevent save time and money.

Laying the Tiles Improperly

Make a dry run of the tile laying process without using adhesives. It will help achieve a symmetrical layout.