Bathroom Remodeling Plans - Part 1

remodeled bathroom

An effective bathroom refurbishment will make it necessary for you to start with bathroom remodeling plans. Understanding the necessary steps to install a new bathroom will help you ensure the project runs smoothly.

Assess The Room

The first step for remodeling your bathroom is to consider the existing space. Determine whether the layout of the existing bathroom is convenient or whether it should be rearranged. Think about how you use the bathroom and whether you can forgo items that you will not need, such as a bathtub. As part of the redesign, determine whether you will need to remove any walls to accommodate all the aspects that you want and whether this will be possible. Inspect pipes, fasteners, and fixtures to determine whether there are any that can be salvaged and reused instead of new items being purchased.

Sketch Diagram

Bathroom remodeling plans should include a diagram depicting a bird’s eye view of the room so that you can plot precisely where each piece of furniture will go. Measure the dimensions of the room and use a scale to sketch an outline. Plot the power supply and waste outlet points on the diagram. Doing so will give you an idea of the additional pipework and components required to position any furnishings where you want them.

Choose Furnishings

Once you are aware of the dimensions of the room, you will be in a position to choose the bathroom suite and other fixtures and fittings required as part of your bathroom remodeling plans. If you intend to fit a bathroom according to the desired theme, think about it carefully. Anything other than a white bathroom suite can put off potential buyers. Shop around to get the best deal on the items required and be aware of the specifications if you want an energy-efficient result. Do the research to determine whether the bathroom is capable of accommodating any specialty items that you require, such as a freestanding shower or a wet room.

Decoration and Accessories

Choose decorative touches that are appropriate for use, in addition to matching the bathroom suite. If you intend to tile only part of the bathroom, make sure that the wall covering used for the remainder of the surfaces is waterproof. Consider the amount of water to which the floor will be subjected and choose accordingly. Rubber and vinyl flooring are appropriate for bathrooms, but if you are keen on the carpet, ensure that it is rubber-backed. Create a cohesive room by selecting accessories to match the color and style of the suite.

Time and Schedule

Estimate the length of time each task will require in order to determine how long the entire bathroom remodeling plans will take. Draw a schedule to outline when each project should be undertaken to determine how long the bathroom will be out of commission.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series.