How to Remodel a Bathroom: A Step By Step Guide

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are certain steps to follow. By completing the job in a specific sequence, you can avoid both clean up time and mistakes. The order of steps depends on the degree to which you are remodeling. If you want to complete an easy face-lift, the process will be much shorter than if you are completing an entire demolish and remodel. The following 5 steps should guide you in the right direction for any bathroom remodel regardless of the size and scope.

Step 1 - Preparation Is Key

You need a clear and concise plan for your remodel. Read magazines and interior design books. Decide what you need to change. Visit a home improvement store and plan each aspect of your remodel. Take measurements and specifications with you to the store. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to shop without measurements. Purchase everything you think you need for your remodel before you begin. You will be very disappointed if you start remodeling and find you can't buy the faucet you planned to install.

Step 2 - Start at the Top

Whether you are demolishing sheetrock or simply repainting, always start at the top of the room. Remodel your ceiling first, walls second, and floors third. By following these steps, you can prevent damage to your new components. For example, you don't want to install a new hardwood floor and then have to scrape paint off when you remodel the ceiling. By completing the ceiling and walls before the floor, you can avoid mistakes.

Step 3 - Fixtures and Features

No remodel is complete without remodeling or repairing fixtures and features. Consider new faucets and showerheads. If you are on a limited budget, simply repairing a leaky faucet can make a world of difference. You should also update or repair your mirrors and shower doors. A fresh coat of paint on a mirror frame can make an old mirror look brand new. You can also change the look of your bathroom very easily by changing door handles, drawer pulls, and the hardware for your shower doors. If you have the money, a new set of shower doors can completely change the look of your room. You should also consider your towel racks and toilet paper holders. If they are old or outdated, replace them with new features.

Step 4 - Clean Up Is Important

Once you have completed the demolition, repair, and replacement, it is time to start cleaning. Wash every surface to remove any residue that has been left behind during the remodel. Start at the top and work your way down once again. Start by dusting and cleaning light fixtures and work your way down to mopping the floor.

Step 5 - Accessorize Your New Space

No remodel is complete without new accessories. New towels, wash clothes, and soap dishes will be the final definition of your new space. A new bathroom can quickly look old if you display old and frayed towels. Instead, make sure everything in the room is fresh. If you are on a budget, new hand towels will be better than nothing.