Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas: Spanish Style Shower

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If you are looking to do a bathroom shower remodel, you might consider the old world elegance of a Spanish style shower. Ceramic tile from Spain or locally produced ceramic tile with a Spanish flair will dramatically enhance your bathroom décor.

Spanish Style Tile Choices

Spanish style tiles are available in a variety of designs and colors that reflect warm earthy tones. Use smaller 1x1-inch tiles to create your own masterpiece mosaic, or use larger 12x12-inch tile and regular 4x4-inch painted or sculptured tile squares as an accent.

Ceramic tile is easy to clean being mold and mildew resistant. Top your bathroom shower remodel with weathered steel fixtures to complete the Spanish style shower look and enjoy the transformation to old world Spain.

Other Spanish Accents

To get the complete look and feel of a traditional Spanish style decor, add rustic colors such as a burnt sienna, tan, rust color or other earthy tones. For fixtures, choose weathered steel and wrought iron pieces. A rounded tub outlined in Spanish tile with draped material is always a nice added touch. Accessories that are worn and aged go great with a Spanish style décor.