Bathroom Shower Tile Design Tips

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Bathroom shower tiles create a new focal point in the room while adding a touch of class. The greatest advantage of tiles is that they are easier to clean than most other materials; however, before you tile your shower, it is important to choose a design.

Type of Tiles

Bathrooms have become one of the most decorated areas in the house, thus various styles of tile have been produced to help the consumer cover all his needs. One of the most popular is resin tile, which is protected beneath a glossy and smooth surface. Resin tile has a transparent surface and can create a very original decorative pattern.

Stone and ceramic tile can be used to decorate around showers because these materials are the easiest to clean. Decorative tiles can be used to add elegance to your shower area. They are generally covered with a clear glaze, making them durable and suitable for shower areas.

Color and Design

The mood you to create will impact the color selection. Start with neutral, warm, earth colors, then accentuate and decorate with accent tiles. Once you have selected the colors, plan the design. At this point, you can choose the actual size and style combination.

Your own creativity is the only limit. Light colors make the space feel larger. To add color contrast, create a random design of accent tiles. Remember that shower tiles come in a wide array of shapes and colors; you are more than free to use them in any design.


You can create a mural pattern or a more simplistic design. If you are a traditionalist, use simple colors and patterns to enhance the already existing scheme. Use border patterns to accentuate the shower, and smaller tiles for edges.

Ceramic tile murals work well for bold designs. These custom styles are ideal for backsplash areas. Many of them are handmade, thus they are more expensive than commercial tiles. Let your imagination loose and select an image you like, such as animals, greenery, birds, or flowers.

Remember that you can get any image impressed on the tiles. They are strong, durable, and resistant to both heat and moisture. Use glass mosaic tiles to create your own pattern.

These are the basic and most important tips regarding bathroom shower tile designs. Remember that your imagination is the only limit. Play with different materials, sizes, colors, and patterns to create your finished design.