Bathroom Stone Flooring Designs

stone flooring

Bathrooms are a good place to install stone flooring because of the high levels of heat, moisture, and humidity. Carpet flooring is impractical because of mold and mildew. There are many tile options for the bathroom, such as glazed ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, and stone. Consider the size of the room and the desired look before purchasing stone flooring.

Checkerboard Pattern

Consider using different colors to create a modified checkerboard pattern. This style looks nice with 3 or more colors of varying shades. You can also try a diamond pattern by setting the stones diagonally. Another great way to showcase stone flooring in a bathroom is to create a border around the edges of the floor and have a decorative pattern in the center of the room. In styles like this, the border stone and patterns are usually different colors than the rest of the flooring so that it stands out.


A small bathroom would look best with a subtle, uniform look of light colored stone. Bold patterns will be overwhelming for the small space. Opt for subtle designs and color variations. Style does not have to be sacrificed; there are a lot of stone flooring options that look great in a small room. Use 3 or less colors in a small bathroom.

Match Existing Decor

Large bathrooms have a lot more options because of the wide floor space. Choose stone flooring colors that match the existing décor. Bold colors, such as blue and green, look great in large bathrooms. White, gray, and almond remain the most popular colors. Choose a contrasting stone color to create a monogram in the center of the floor, or simply place stones randomly.

Themed Design

For homeowners who want a themed bathroom, stone flooring goes well with most designs. Popular bathroom themes include beach, nautical, topical, and shabby chic. For a beach themed bathroom, consider light blue stone flooring. Nautical themed bathrooms look great with bright white stone flooring; tropical themed bathrooms match with tan or coral stone flooring. Shabby chic bathroom calls for stone flooring in tan, light pink, off white, or light green to pull the room together.

Colored or Tinted Grout

Colored or tinted grout with natural stone flooring is another choice. Paint supply stores can tint grout to any shade. Light colored grout is easy to stain and difficult to clean, which is another benefit of colored grout.