Bathroom Tile Designs: 3 Beach Theme Ideas

white square tiles

Incorporating a few beach ideas into your bathroom tile design is a great way to make your bathroom renovation project beautiful and unique. Beach-themed designs are gaining popularity for their clean lines and soft, natural colors. There are many types of tile ideas you can incorporate into your design such as subway tiles, mosaic tiles, and accent tiles. Homeowners have the choice of selecting these tiles in either ceramic or glass. Any combination of the 3 will make your bathroom feel like those found at a vacation resort.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a great choice for bringing a beach feel to your bathroom tile design. Their simple look and design make them the perfect tile to complement any bathroom layout. These tiles are named based on their resemblance to the tiles that were used in the construction of subway stations. Usually they’re 3x5-inches and come in shades of gray, white, and tan.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are another great way to bring the feeling of the beach to your bathroom tile design. These tiles are commonly found in 12x12-inch sheets and are available in a wide range of color combinations. The sheets are actually comprised of smaller tiles that are about 1-inch in size and are held together with a mesh backing.

Mosaic tiles are ideal for smaller bathroom floors since once they’re installed they often make the room seem larger. These tiles are also commonly used for shower stall floors. If you’re using mosaic for your floor tile then you can also cut the mesh backing to form mosaic accent strips for your wall tile. It is an economical way to give your layout a unique look while tying the floor and wall tile together. To really give the design the sense of the beach, it’s best to stick with light tans and brown to replicate the different shades of sand.

Accent Tiles

Among the easiest ways to add a little of the beach to your bathroom tile design is accent tiles. Accent tiles are specially designed tiles that are meant to add a unique flair to your tile layout. Most tile companies that produce wall tiles also produce accent tiles to match the different sizes they offer.

These tiles can be found with either two or three-dimensional images of different beach-themed designs such as seashells or sea horses. Substituting an accent tile in place of a regular wall tile will help add character to the design. Combining accent tiles and accent strips will give you endless design possibilities.

Beach-themed bathroom tile designs are popular design motifs for homes located in coastal areas. By incorporating some simple beach-themed ideas along with similarly themed artwork and accessories, you can create your own bathroom paradise.