Bathroom Tile Patterns Gone Wild

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With such a variety of bathroom tile patterns available, it's easy to put a personalized touch on your bathroom remodel. You can use tile on the bathroom floor, but with some creative thought, you can also use it on the walls and around the tub, mirror, or towel bar.

Dramatic Piece

For a dramatic effect, try a one-piece solid granite floor. You'll need to hire an installer with the expertise to put it in.

Shower Accent Strips

An eye level accent strip is beautiful. Use smaller tiles in contrasting and complementary colors to your main background tiles. This strip can be created in either a random or repeating pattern.

Border Strips

An alternative is to use colorful decorated border strips. A bright yellow, green, or blue tile tile strip featuring floral and natural designs on a solid white background looks great. Trim the tub, border the mirror, or use 2 parallel strips to create your own design.

Visual Interest

Use varying sizes of the same color tile to create a striking look.