Bathroom Vanity Cabinet vs Wall-Hung Vanity

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Bathroom vanity cabinets are not great necessities, but they are quite handy on a daily basis. In addition to basic functionality, they also add or detract from the aesthetics of your bathroom. There are 2 main types of bathroom vanities, which are cabinet-style and wall-hung. A great feature for both types of cabinets is that they can hide the under sink plumbing and pipes with an attractive decorative facade. The kind of design for your bathroom is best determined by the amount of available space. Here are the basic advantages of each style.

Cabinet Vanity

Cabinet vanities are the traditional style for bathrooms. They provide the largest amount of storage space. Wall-hung vanities focus on style. With a free-standing cabinet, the focus shifts to functionality, ease of use, and ensuring that the dimensions of the cabinet do not overwhelm the space.

Wall-Hung Vanity

Wall-hung vanities offer less storage space than cabinet style vanities, but the main advantage is that they are great space savers, especially if you have a small bathroom. Wall mounting frees floor space, creating the illusion of a bigger room.