Bathroom Vessel Sink Base: Pedestal vs. Vanity

A bathroom vessel sink makes a bold, sleek design statement. It declares a refined, yet contemporary taste, and it’s a piece that can really hold together the design scheme of the entire bathroom. It only makes sense that the sink base makes the same sort of statement. When it comes to type of base, your basic options are either a sink pedestal or a sink vanity. Both have pros and cons in terms of ease of installation, storage capacity, and design impact. Keep reading to learn more about your bathroom vessel sink bases.

Installation Issues

The big advantage that a pedestal base has over a vanity base is the ease of installation. Pedestals tend to be lighter. They simply need to be carried to the appropriate spot in the bathroom before the vessel sink and faucets are placed on top. It couldn’t be easier.

A vanity base is by very definition larger, bulkier, and heavier than a pedestal base, which already complicates the installation process. Furthermore, you’ll probably need to run the requisite plumbing through the back of the vanity up to the vessel sink, which also translates to a more complicated and labor-intensive process.

Storage Issues

The vanity wins out it comes to storage because they are equipped with cupboards and drawers for cosmetics, cleaning products, soaps, and guest towels, which helps keep your bathroom tidy. If you go for a pedestal base, on the other hand, you lose that storage space and will need to make up for it elsewhere in the bathroom. If you’re the type of person who likes to have all of your makeup, brushes, and other items at your fingertips in the morning, then a vanity base is better for you. If you don’t have a lot of extra accessories to store in your bathroom, on the other hand, than a pedestal might be fine for your lifestyle.

Design Issues

The question of style and design is an area where there’s no clear cut winner; it really comes down to personal taste. The pedestal base tends to give a sleeker, edgier, more minimalist look, whereas the vanity is more solid and more traditional. When thinking about your bathroom design, take into account the entire room. Choose the style that best reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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