Wall Hung Sinks vs Pedestal Sinks in the Bathroom

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Choosing a bathroom wall hung sink or a pedestal sink can make all the difference in storage capabilities if you are confronted with a small bathroom.

Wall Hung

In combination with a space saver cabinet, you can allow free space to open up your small bathroom by choosing a wall hung sink. These sinks are growing in popularity, regardless of bathroom size. They are most appropriate if you have size restrictions and storage requirements. Ensure that your wall can support the weight of the sink.

Freeing up the floor space will make your bathroom look bigger. The sink will also be much easier to clean. A disadvantage to some types of wall-hung sinks is that the plumbing is visible. Check with your local home improvement store for semi-pedestal or other modern options, as they are cleaner and conceal the plumbing.


Pedestal sinks are better suited to large bathrooms. There is a certain elegance to them; they come in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. The obvious advantage is that they conceal the plumbing and don't have any structural requirements. They limit storage space, as they consume floor space. That problem can be solved with a vanity mirror cabinet.

Bathrooms seem to be the smallest space in the house, but are no less important. Whatever option you choose, ensure that it is properly installed and always keep your bathroom stylishly simple.