Add Value to Your Home With a Bathroom Remodel

Tools and materials standing by for a bathroom remodel.

Whether you are planning to sell your home in six weeks, six months, six years, or never, increasing its value can be a highly desirable outcome from any home improvement or home remodeling project. There are many great home improvement projects you can do, but remodeling the bathroom is among the most valuable.

If the desired outcome of the bathroom remodeling project is an increase in resale value, it is important to plan the project accordingly. There are a number of improvements known to have a strong impact on the resale value, and focusing on those improvements can maximize the impact of your project.

One Bathroom Just Isn't Enough

A project that is well known to boost the value of the home is to simply add a second bathroom. Homes with only one bathroom can be much harder to sell than homes with two or more bathrooms. Adding a second bathroom can also enhance the livability of the home, whether or not you decide to sell.

Installing a second bathroom right off the master bedroom can be a particularly valuable home improvement project, and very desirable for your family as well. The parents will love having their own private bathroom space, while the kids will love not having to share a single bathroom.


Adding a Jacuzzi tub to the master bathroom can be another valuable home improvement project. These great tubs are wonderful places to relax, and their presence can add luxury and elegance to even the most ordinary home. If you shop carefully, adding such a touch of elegance and charm may not be as expensive or difficult as you may think.

Steam Shower

A steam shower can be a luxurious addition as well. Like a Jacuzzi tub, a steam shower can add a touch of elegance and charm to any room. A steam shower is also a relaxing and welcome addition to nearly any bathroom. Potential buyers will welcome this addition. Some of the fancier steam shower installations even include such modern touches as built-in radios, MP3 players, and aromatherapy machines.

Other Showers

Installing a special shower can be a great touch as well. A special shower can greatly enhance the beauty of the bathroom and the value of the home. There are a number of beautiful shower enclosures, in a number of different shapes and sizes, that can add a distinctive “wow” factor to any room. Adding one of these unique shower enclosures, or simply re-tiling or redoing the shower itself, can perk up even the ugliest bathroom.

Give Your Bathroom a New Face

Adding a new set of tiles to the bathroom can have an incredible effect on the value of the home. There are many wonderful tile designs that can have a significant impact. Simply changing the color or style of the tile in your bathroom can be a remarkably effective and inexpensive way to redesign your bathroom.

Doubling Bathroom Usefulness

Adding a double basin to your bathroom is another very effective remodeling project, in terms of both your own enjoyment and the value of your home. Adding a double basin to the vanity can instantly double its usefulness, and allow both partners to get ready for work at the same time. In today’s busy world, the installation of a double basin can more than pay for itself in saved time and frustration.

Overall Look

As your bathroom remodeling plans go forward, it is important to give the room a unified look and feel. It is important that the colors, styles, and designs you choose for your remodeling project fit well with each other, and with the overall design of the home. Choose a single theme for the bathroom, be it contemporary, classic, modern or antique, and stick with it for all parts of the project.

Taking the time to decide on a theme will make finishing the project a great deal easier. A unified look and feel will also present a more attractive picture to all those potential home buyers.