Bathtub Liners for You

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If your bathtub is getting old and needs a serious overhaul, bathtub liners can offer you a quick and easy solution.

What Are Bathtub Liners?

Bathtub liners, which are made of a heavy gauge acrylic, are placed over your existing tub. If your bathtub is scratched and dingy, then installing bathtub lining will make it look like new again.

Remember that bathtub liners are strictly for fixing appearances. If there are any underlying problems or issues with your tub, such as cracks, the liner will simply cover them, not fix them. Installing a liner will also slightly shrink the size of your tub.

You can also purchase bathroom lining that will cover your walls. Doing so is a great way to eliminate old fashion tile and quickly create a sleek new design for your bathroom.

Bathtub Lining vs. Refinishing

While bathtub liners are similar to a new skin being laid down on your tub, refinishing involves more detailed work. Any crack, nicks, or scraps are fixed; then the tub is painted. While it seems like a straight forward process, coating the surface can be tricky.