Bathtub Reglazing: How to Choose the Right Color


Bathtub reglazing can make a bathtub look new again. Since glaze is available in hundreds of colors, there are a few things you should consider before choosing the best color for your tub.


Remember the avocado green appliances from decades ago? Even though the retro look is coming back for some, for many an old green bathtub doesn't sound appealing. Consider that when you choose a color for your tubs new glaze. What is in fashion now may become a dated mess in 10 years. You can choose a neutral color that won't go out of style and date your decor, without making it look overly plain. Of course, if your heart is set on a bright color, then go for it. Glazes are available in just about any color now.

Easy to Clean

A glistening white bathtub will look great when it's perfectly clean. An off-white or almond color glaze is still going to look great even a few days after it's been scrubbed. While in a perfect world our bathtubs would never get dirty, that isn't a reality for most people. If the bathtub is going to be the focal point of the bathroom, you may want to consider how well it will look once it's been used regularly.