Bathtub Surround With a Window: Pros and Cons

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There are many pros and cons when it comes to a bathtub surround with windows. Read these pros and cons to learn more before redoing your bathroom.


Bathtub surround windows allow natural sunlight to light up the room, creating not only a great atmosphere, but also a lower electric bill. Many windows come with designs that add to the design theme. These windows also add extra ventilation, as well as a great view to the outside


The bathtub and bathroom are private places; having a window may make you feel insecure or uneasy. The shower will also become cold the right insulation isn't installed.

While there are cons to having a bathtub surround with a window, there are many ways that you can work around them. Adding curtains or tinted windows is a great way to add privacy while still getting natural sunlight. With curtains, you can chose when you want to open them, and with designed, you can add to the décor of the room while maintaining privacy.