Beaded Pool Liner vs Overlap Pool Liner

While installing a pool liner for your swimming pool, you might come across beaded pool liner and overlap pool liner. There a number of different colors and patterns available, but pool liners mainly come in two types and those are the beaded pool liners and the overlap pool liners. The beaded pool liners usually snap into the top of the channel, into the bead receiver. While on the other hand, the overlap pool liner is installed by overlapping the top of the swimming pool, securing itself with a coping strip.

Main Feature

The beaded pool liner snaps onto the top of the swimming pool wall, called the bead receivers. While on the other hand, the overlap pool liners lap right over the top of the swimming pool and is covered with a plastic coping.


Beaded pool liners requires a lot of effort to be put in, while the overlap pool liners are an effortless process, and requires less time also.


The beaded pool liner comes in a number of different patterns and colors around the edge of the swimming pool, compared to the overlap pool liners. There is hardly any variety to decide from the overlap pool liners.


The beaded pool line can be changed to an overlap pool liner. All you need to do is just add coping on the top of the pool liner and then the bead receiver. On the other hand, you can also change from an overlap pool liner to a beaded pool liner, by just adding the bead receiver to the swimming pool.


For installing the overlap pool liner, you would require to remove all the swimming pool edges, the seat clamps, top plates as well the rail of the pool, which is basically the top end of the swimming pool. While on the other hand, you can skip this step while installing the beaded pool liner.


For adding the overlap pool liners, you require to attach two wooden clothes pins to each upright. But this is not important while adding the beaded pool liners.


Beaded pool liners are much more expensive compared to the overlap pool liners. This is mainly because of a simple reason that the beaded pool liners look more professional compared to the overlap pool liners.

Lastly, it is totally your decision for whichever pool liner you decide to use. All you need to make sure is that whichever liner you choose for your swimming pool, proper care and maintenance needs to be taken of the pool liner, so it could last longer. Also, always remember that the pool liner which is included in most of the swimming pools is plain blue in color with a thickness of about 20-gauge. This is the most standard color and size of the swimming pools used by a number of individuals.