Bearing Partition/Wall

A partition that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight is called a bearing partition/wall.

The bearing partition is used in all constructions of buildings and homes. In order to build a good and sturdy building or home the bearing partition/wall are used to help give support of vertical loads.

Types of Bearing Partition/Wall

A load bearing partition/wall are walls that can be constructed of bricks, blocks or in-situ concrete by traditional methods and have advantages in design of being capable of having good fire resistance and high sound insulation.

The disadvantage is the performance giving rise to an inflexible internal layout.  The walls of the lower stories hold up the roof and upper levels of a house. These load bearing walls carry the weight of the floors above down through the home and into the foundation. For the safety support of the entire house, these walls must be carefully located beneath the upper level floor joists.

A non-load bearing partition/wall has a wide variety of methods available that makes it difficult to classify the form of the partition.