The Beautiful Willow Tree

A willow tree is a large family of trees and shrubs that grow in moist places, such as along stream lines. Willow trees grow to be about 35-50 feet high and have a diameter anywhere from 6-25 inches around.

Types of Willow Trees

There are many different types of willow tree out there, you can identify one from another by the leaves and twigs each have. The peach-leaf willow tree has leaves that are long, narrow, and greenish-yellow and have whitish undersides that grow on long, slender, somewhat twisted stems with branches that droop.

White and Crack willows have leaves that are large with a saw-toothed shape. They’re twigs break easily from the branches. The willow tree that has leaves that are narrow with widely spaced teeth, rounded, dark green atop with a whitish bloom below is the pussy willow.

The white willow has smaller leaves that are finely toothed with a silky feel. Another type of willow tree is the black willow. This tree has leaves that are narrow and green on both sides. A weeping willow tree is a beautiful tree that has leaves that are whitened or pale beneath, and have long branches that hang down towards the ground.