Bedroom Decorating: Creating an Undersea Room for Boys

Instead of a character theme when searching for bedroom decorating ideas for boys, how about creating an undersea bedroom? Boys enjoy the mysteries of the deep and what better way to spark their imagination and a quest for learning than with an undersea bedroom? An undersea bedroom theme is ideal for boys who love the subject of sharks, squid, fish, and the many other types of plant and animal life found the ocean. Decorating an undersea bedroom is a lot of fun, and you and your kids can turn a bedroom for boys into an undersea adventure and a place they will love to spend time.

Create an Ocean of Colo

The walls in an undersea bedroom should be bathed in an ocean of color, even if the bedroom is small. Choose a beautiful shade of blue for the walls in satin or gloss. The light in the bedroom will bounce off the walls and it will not seem nearly as small, even when painted in a rich hue. The addition of color is the first step in decorating an amazing undersea bedroom for boys.

Interesting Wall Murals or Decals

After painting the walls in a beautiful shade of undersea blue, further embellish the walls with interesting hand-painted wall murals or peel and stick decals. If you plan on trying your hand at painting undersea wall murals, choose sample size containers of paint to mix and create just the right colors. Practice on paper or poster board before painting on walls, and create undersea plant life, fish, shells, and anything else typically found in the ocean.

For those who would rather not add hand-painted murals to walls, consider adding peel and stick wall decals. They are available in undersea designs that are perfect for decorating an ocean-themed bedroom for boys. Best of all they are relatively inexpensive, easy to apply to smooth surfaces, and they can be repositioned without leaving adhesive residue behind. Peel and stick decals can even be used for decorating closet doors and bedroom furniture.

Three-Dimensional Wall Decor

To add a touch of realism to bedroom walls, consider adding amazing replicas of ocean life. Fiberglass replicas of sea life such as octopus and fish are perfect when decorating an undersea bedroom for boys, and they are a fantastic decorating investment. Even if the theme of the room changes years down the road, high-quality wall hangings such as these can be used elsewhere within the home. They will never go out of style, and they add interest and tremendous designer appeal to otherwise ordinary walls.

Undersea Bedding

Everything in a bedroom for boys in an undersea theme does not have to be covered in fish, shells, or other sea related items. Less is more when decorating in a particular theme. When a subject is overdone it loses a great deal of appeal because the eyes do not know where to focus first, and the room ends up looking cluttered instead of well decorated.

Instead of choosing fish-covered bedspread choose solid-colored bedding that coordinates well with the room. For example, choose a blue comforter, darker pillow shams of the same hue, and a darker bed skirt that matches the pillow shams. Contrary to popular belief, bed skirts are not just for decorating a room for girls. An ordinary bed skirt is fine when decorating a bedroom for boys. It will give the bed a more finished appearance while hiding anything stored beneath the bed.

Seaside Accessories

A bedroom for boys with an undersea theme would not be complete without undersea accessories. Choose a couple of ocean-themed throw pillows as well as solid-colored pillows of various sizes, colors, and textures. They will add character without overdoing the undersea theme.

In addition, consider choosing a lamp base in an undersea or an beachside theme. A lighthouse lamp or an aquatic-themed lamp is ideal for an undersea room for boys. Table lamps are available in countless themes, sizes, and price ranges, and when shopping online you will find exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Include your boys when choosing bedroom accessories. Kids are a great source of creative ideas, and their input can be extremely helpful when decorating a bedroom, especially when the bedroom is theirs. Boys are just as creative as girls, and when having a hand in choosing wall decor, colors, and accessories, they will love the look and feel of their uniquely decorated undersea bedroom.

Staff writer for, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using beautiful wall art and southwestern wall sculptures.