How to Create a Bedroom Suite

Luxurious master bedroom

A bedroom is intended for rest and relaxation, and more often than not, people are turning their bedrooms into multipurpose rooms complete with exercise equipment and electronics. Over the years, bedrooms have lost their purpose, and many have become a catchall for everything from laundry to sporting equipment. Countless people hide away things they don’t want others to see by storing them in the bedroom and keeping the door closed.

Instead of using your bedroom for storage, reconvert your bedroom into a retreat exclusively for relaxation, meditation, and slumber. Hide away the television, organize storage, and transform your bedroom into a comforting suite that you’ll love to relax in. With the addition of soothing colors, fine linens, and a rich combination of textures, you’ll enjoy your bedroom while resting better than ever before.

Soften the Look

Soft colors provide a feel of comfort and relaxation, and they affect behavior and mood. If your bedroom walls are covered in wallpaper with busy patterns, or paint that’s bold and bright, consider softening the look with gently flowing patterns and soft secondary colors.

Green is a color with a natural calming effect, and it’s restful to the eyes. It’s one of the best color choices for bedroom walls, and is available in many fresh new shades. Consider giving your walls a fresh coat of green paint, or choose wallpaper that’s primarily a soft shade of green.

Blue is also an extraordinary color choice for a bedroom suite. The color blue naturally provides a feeling of calm and comfort by relaxing the mind and body. There are many new shades and wallpaper patterns to consider for bedroom walls.

Walls painted in a rich brown tone and paired with a secondary color or muted primary color is also an excellent choice for creating a relaxing bedroom suite. Consider painting one or two walls a warm shade of brown, and opposite or adjoining walls a soft complimentary color of your choice. You’ll have bedroom walls that look worthy of the finest hotel.

Whatever color or shade you choose, further add to the ambiance of the room with coordinating throw pillows, bedding, window treatments, and accessories. Unleash your creative side, and paint your room to match your unique personality as well as your style. You’ll begin to feel relaxed the moment you step into the room.

Change the Lighting

Bright lights are great for reading, but they aren’t conducive to relaxing. Consider installing a dimmer switch to control the level of lighting in your bedroom. A dimmer switch will allow you to choose the perfect level of lighting whether you’re enjoying a good book or working on a detailed project.

Change existing light bulbs, and replace them with room enhancing bulbs that bring out the true colors of a room. The yellow tone cast by ordinary light bulbs will be replaced with clear white light that will enhance and beautify your bedroom décor.

Diminish the Distractions

If you want to turn your bedroom into the tranquil suite you’ve always wanted, make it a place for rest rather than a place for audiovisual entertainment. Move the living room out of the bedroom and diminish the distractions.

For those who can’t bear to part with a television in the bedroom, there are decorative armoires with doors that close. An armoire will conceal televisions, stereo equipment, video games, and any other must-haves. At the same time, you’ll add storage space and style to the bedroom.

Take the gym out of the bedroom, and move exercise equipment to a more appropriate place such as a family room or basement. Exercise equipment is a visual reminder of unfinished business, and the place intended for sleep should be the last place to think about physical fitness.

If your bedroom also serves as your computer room, move your computer desk out of the bedroom and into to a central location. A family room, loft, or great room is a more appropriate location. With the computer out of the bedroom, you won’t be tempted to check your email one last time before retiring for the night.

Banish the Clutter

An exquisite bedroom suite, decorated with the finest wall coverings, furniture, and accessories isn’t nearly as exquisite when filled with clutter. Banish the clutter, and you’ll not only greatly improve the overall look of your bedroom, but you’ll also open it up, making it appear much more spacious.

Reorganize and revamp your closets with shelves, hanging closet rods, and other innovative solutions for storage. Get rid of clothing and other stored items you no longer use. With creative solutions and organization, you’ll be amazed at the extra storage space you can find in your closets.

Take advantage of empty space under the bed, and invest in plastic storage containers with lids. Choose clear containers equipped with wheels so you can easily view the contents. Seasonal clothing, extra blankets, and miscellaneous items can be safely and inconspicuously stored until they’re needed.

Bedroom Arrangement

Tactically place furniture on an angle rather than squarely against the walls when arranging or rearranging. Angles and gentle curves make a room feel warmer and cozier. Not only will your bedroom suite look worthy of a home decorating magazine, but you’ll also use more of the space your room has to offer.

To create a bedroom suite for relaxing or reading, place a comfortable chair complete with throw pillows and a warm fuzzy wrap in a corner of the room. Add an end table and lamp, and you’ll have a quiet place to curl up with a good book in the most relaxing room in your home.