Beginning Home Masonry Projects

A patio with a brick firepit and bench.

For those new to DIY home improvement projects with a desire to be creative, considering a few simple masonry projects is a good place to start. With some basic tools, you can design and construct a project that is not only practical, but adds to the personality of your home.

Outdoor Decor and Enhancements

Benches - A very simple masonry project involves making a garden bench using bricks or concrete blocks as a base with a thick board for the seating.

Mailbox Stand - Mailbox posts are often plain and add no curbside appeal to your home. Jazz it up with a solid brick base and an enclosure to hold the mailbox securely.

Stepping Stones - Think beyond the traditional kind with individual patches of brick or pavers set in concrete around the yard that lead to areas such as the garage, pool, or workshop.

Walkways - The creative ideas are endless when laying out a walkway design using bricks or pavers. Think out of the box in its visual appeal, using alternative lines for the path or walkway other than a single line.

Sidewalk - Often, especially during seasonal weather, a front or backyard area could use a solid slab of concrete to serve as a sidewalk. With the ability to adjust the height to what you prefer, the walkway can be a welcome addition, especially during the rainy season, to help keep feet dry.

Driveway - Whether you need to replace the current cement driveway that may be cracked and past its prime or you want to create a separate driveway leading to a backyard storage shed, workshop, or other structure, this is another easy project that improves the convenience of your home.

Wall - While this project may be time-consuming, the results are stunning if you choose to create a retaining wall around the edge of an open patio or porch. Walls can also be created as visual enhancement to block off an area such as a vegetable or flower garden.

Outdoor Comfort and Entertainment

Patio - Adding a patio extends your home's entertainment area to the outdoors. Whether pouring a solid slab of concrete or placing bricks or pavers, you'll have a relaxing respite for entertaining or hanging out with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Fire Pit - Enjoy the evening with a cozy fire pit emanating warmth on a cool evening.

Barbecue Grill - You can add to your outdoor oasis with a barbecue grill. While there are elaborate examples of fireplaces and ovens, keep it simple with a block or brick base and an area to place the grilling rack.

Sandbox - Bring the fun of the beach to your backyard with an enclosed brick sandbox the kids can play in any time they like.


Flower Boxes - Bricks or concrete blocks can easily be turned into flower boxes. Bricks offer the option of making both small and large boxes, while concrete blocks can be used to create larger display areas.

Borders - Highlight landscaping, flower beds, or trees with a multilayered brick border. The versatility of masonry materials allows any type of border design from circular and rectangular to triangular and squared.

Bird Bath Base - If you like the sound of birds in the backyard, constructing a masonry base for a birdbath to sit on will attract a variety of winged visitors while providing a solid platform for them.

The sky is the limit when it comes to simple masonry projects. From patios to pits and everything inbetween, creativity and imagination can guide you to a successful project.