Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener: Replacing Drive Mechanism

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What You'll Need
Step ladder
Drive belt
Safety goggles
Work gloves

The belt-drive garage door opener is considered to be the best opener available. Even though it is expensive, the belt-driven opener creates no noise, so it is much more convenient than other openers. If the mechanism is not working, you do not need to buy an entirely new system. The reason why the opener is broken is because of the belt. It may take hours to fix the belt, but that is much better than buying a whole new system, which can cost more than $150, or by calling a repairman, who will add service charges along with his hourly fees. Here are the steps to attach a new belt or adjusting the existing belt.

Step 1 - Disconnect the Garage Door Opener Power

The very first thing you should do is to shut down the mechanism by disconnecting it. This makes sure no one accidentally opens the garage. When the garage is disconnected, the door can only be lifted manually. This step is vital for your own safety.

Step 2 - Remove the Track System

The track system is attached to the front of the garage. This bracket holds the entire belt system to the front wall. After removing the system, lower the rail, but make sure that you do not damage the rails. If you do, then you would have to buy a whole new system. By lowering the rail system, you can easily reach the belt pulley.

Step 3 - Adjust the Belt or Replace it

If the belt is too tight, then the garage door was not working because of the belt’s tightness. Try to adjust the belt if it is stuck with a part of the pulley. Normally, there is a lever controlling the tension of the belt (the more tension, the tighter the belt is held). Either release the tension, or lift the lever into the open position. If the belt is stuck with the lever, then adjust the belt. However, if the belt is broken, then take the belt out by disconnecting it from the pulley and from the lever. If any ropes are attached to the belt, take them off.

Step 4 - Attach the New Belt

After discarding the old belt, get a new one and put it over the rail assembly. Make the hold on the belt firm by making it tight from the sockets and from the pulley. And finally, re-attach the track system back to the front of the wall.

Additional Tips

When you get the new belt, grease the connections and the wheels so whenever someone opens the garage, the belt travels smoothly. If your system is new, then your warranty might still be in effect, and you can get the belt for free. If the warranty has expired, you can buy the belt from a hardware store or from a large retailer such as Wal-mart. Furthermore, if this is the first time you are working as a mechanic, then get a partner to assist you with removing the front bracket and lowering the rails. Lastly, wear eye protection and gloves when you are working. You never know when something could happen, so it's better to be safe than sorry.