Benefits of a Motorcycle Rolling Chassis

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The motorcycle rolling chassis is a major component when putting together your own motorcycle from scratch. It consists of the frame, the wheels and suspension. To give you a better picture, the motorcycle rolling chassis is a mechanism that can already be rolled from one place to another. One of the major components of the chassis is the wheels. There are two kinds of wheels, spoked wheels and cast wheels. Spoked Wheels are known for being lightweightm having a low budget requirement, and being reasonably rigid. Cast wheels are known for being expensive. Aside from the wheels, another component of the rolling chassis is the suspension. The suspension contributes to the safety and comfort of the passenger of the motorcycle, as the passenger is kept from road vibrations and bumps. It also contributes to the braking and handling of the motorcycle.

The most important component of the motorcycle rolling chassis is the frame. Frames are made from different types of materials such as Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Titanium. Frames act as a base where different parts are connected. Frames also serve as a protection for sensitive parts of the motorcycle in case of accidents. There are different types of frames and each has their own benefits.

Single Cradle Frame

If your objective is to build an off-road motorcycle, a single cradle frame may be used for your rolling chassis. This is a simple type of motorcycle frame and is actually how motorcycles in the earlier times were constructed. These frames are known for excellent rigidity, simplicity and affordability.

Double Cradle Frame

If your objective is to build a simple road bike, this descendent of the single cradle frame is advisable to use. This type of frame is known for its balance between rigidity, lightness and power. But this type of frame used in a rolling chassis has been replaced by the perimeter frames.

Backbone Frame

This type of frame used for the rolling chassis is simple and cheap, and is used mainly on naked and off-road motorcycles. This type of frame promotes immense flexibility since the frame is hidden inside the finished motorcycle.

Perimeter Frame

The most popular frame used in modern supersports motorcycles is the perimeter frame. Previously made from steel, the benefit of this frame is that the flexure and torsion are reduced dramatically. And with the current frames being made from aluminium, there is a huge improvement on weight ratios.

Monocoque Frame

If your objective is to build a competition bike, a rolling chassis made of monocoque frame is advisable. The major advantage of this type of frame is its rigidity. Unfortunately this type of frame is heavy, and is typically not worth the effort.

Trellis Frame

This type of frame is normally used in racing and competition motorcycles. A rolling chassis created with this frame would compete with chassis using an aluminum perimeter frame due to its weight and rigidity.