Benefits of a Using Ceramic Heater

In addition to its ability to heat ambient air surrounding it, a ceramic heater offers a number of advantages over other types of heaters. These advantages often include safety shut-off' devices that interrupt heating from these units when they are accidentally tipped or turned over. Or it might be helpful in turning the heater off in a situation where the unit becomes overheated.

Heating Larger Areas

When compared with other heater types, such as radiant heaters, the ceramic heater has a greater capability of heating larger areas more evenly. In addition, they generally offer a choice of models that come with, or without, fans. The models with fans are typically better able to heat rooms or areas that are larger, owing to the fan's ability to move heated air over greater distances than the fanless models.

Heating Rooms with Higher Ceilings

Although more expensive than the heater without a fan, the fan type heater is more cost effective over a longer period of time, because they are more energy efficient, and this increased efficiency will offset the initially higher cost. In rooms with higher ceilings the heater with the fan can circulate the air, moving the warmer air from the ceiling to lower areas. For use in heating a small room, a bathroom, or a smaller area, the fanless heater will typically provide the heat you need.


Because of its smaller size and weight, the ceramic heater is easier to move than the heater with wire core. However, you should keep in mind that these heaters need ventilation, and when moving them you should be careful to give them at least 24 inches space from other objects. This will allow air to circulate as needed around these heaters.

Cleaner Heat

For users of space heaters who prefer cleaner air, the ceramic heater is far superior to other types of heaters that burn fuels such as kerosene. Not only does this eliminate the unpleasant odor or the fuel used in these fuel burning heaters, but it eliminates any fumes produced by them. For use in certain types of room such as laboratories, these heaters are ideal.


Not only is the ceramic heater a good choice for homes and offices where certain rooms are kept unheated, but many of the ceramic heaters provide timing devices that allow you to set a pre-determined time to have the heater turn on or shut off. These timers are especially useful in the home or apartment where you would like the heater to produce less heat during night hours when you are asleep, but to automatically turn on and provide warmth in early morning hours before you awake.


Because you can choose a smaller area for the ceramic heater to heat, you can more economically and efficiently insulate the smaller, heated areas without having to add insulation to areas that are not necessary to insulate. Areas where you can avoid having to insulate might be an attic or a storage room.