Benefits of an Electric Fuel Pump

There are many benefits of having an electric fuel pump. In this article there will be an explanation about some of them. There are different types of electric fuel pumps, this article will explain about the fuel pumps for vehicles.

What is Fuel Injection?

Fuel injection for a car mixes fuel with air in a internal combustion engine. With fuel injection there is no need for carburetors. Gasoline and diesel automobiles are the ones that use fuel injection mostly.

There have been many types of fuel injectors since their initial invention. It forces fuel through a nozzle with high pressure thus atomizing the fuel. The pump has the power for the fuel to be injected in the fuel supply, and the actual fuel injector is just a valve and nozzle.

Electric Fuel Pump Benefits

Electric fuel injection or EFI has made it so that fuel injection can be used with different types of fuel. EFI has made gasoline and diesel fuel hardware similar. One of the benefits of having electric fuel pumps is there is cleaner emissions for the environment.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency is increased, so to save the consumer on the cost to fill up at the pump. Starting the engine is easier and more reliable. A vehicle with a carburetor you will need to push on the gas pedal to start the vehicle, fuel injected vehicles that is not needed. The time between maintenance is longer, therefore also saving you money and time. With the temperature of the weather being high or low it operates better. A sufficient fuel level is sent to all cylinders. When each cylinder gets the fuel it needs the engines power improves because the cylinders are able to get to the maximum power potential.

In short, the fuel injected vehicles have more power compared to the vehicles with carburetors. With closed loop fuel injection, the system can more accurately meter the fuel. It gets signals from mass airflow, throttle position, oxygen sensor, manifold absolute pressure and a sensor on one or more of the crankshaft or camshaft. That is used to know the automobiles rotational position. When there is a sudden throttle movement the system can change fast to the vehicles needs, like temperature of the engine and outside, the load of the engine, the level of fuel octane and atmospheric pressure.

Mechanical Injection Systems to Electronic Injection Systems

Mechanical injection systems were used first before the electric injection systems. The first electric system that was commercially available was in 1957. American Motors were the first to offer this. But due to the difficulty of suppliers in making these, the only vehicles equipped with injection systems were preproduction models. None were sold to the public.

Now, the standard approach is to use electronic fuel injector systems. There are still mechanical fuel pumps being made, but they do not have the benefits that the electric fuel pumps provide. Electronic fuel pumps have many benefits, including those for the economy and the environment.