Benefits of an Immersion Blender

Immersion blender blending beet juice.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-60

An immersion blender is a hidden secret used in many professional kitchens. The use of an immersion blender certainly doesn't have to be limited to restaurants and gourmet cafes. Many aspiring foodies don't know the benefits of an immersion blender and this article will shed some light on this piece of kitchen equipment.

1. Portability

An immersion blender offers something most cooking equipment does not—portability. The immersion blender can be fastened to a wall, stored upright on a shelf, placed in a drawer, or easily stored in a chef's bag for easy transportation. Basically, the immersion blender is the perfect kitchen tool that can go with you anywhere. It is also very light so operating it takes no effort at all.

2. Full Liquid Immersion

immersion blender laying on the counter

As the name implies an immersion blender can be immersed in water and any other liquid you may need. This means that instead of lugging out a huge blender to puree soup, which usually causes splatters and burns, you can just use the immersion blender. If you want a cream soup you just place the immersion blender in the hot soup and pulse the blade around the pot for a minute or two. It also makes fast and easy whipped cream. Instead of hurting your wrists whisking cream to stiff peaks you can use the immersion blender.

3. Easy to Clean

Unlike your stand-alone blender or food processor, an immersion blender is actually easy and simple to clean. When you work with a regular blender or food processor you are working with many parts. You have the main container where you place your ingredients, the lid to contain the ingredients, the steel blades on a plastic holder and sometimes a plunder. An immersion blender has none of these items.

The immersion blender is one handy unit that consists of just three parts including the wand, the blade and the handle. The unit is a single piece and is waterproof. You simply fill a pot with water and some mild detergent, place the immersion blender in the water as though you were using it normally, then turn it on. It will be clean in no time and you just wipe it down with a towel.

4. The Quiet Factor

woman using an immersion blender in kitchen

Unlike a food processor or home blender an immersion blender is almost completely silent. The motor is encased in the plastic handle and when it kicks over it turns the stainless steel rod inside the wand, which turns the stainless steel blades. All of the sound generated from the motor is inside the casing and is then distributed into whatever it is that you are making.

5. Not Just a Blender

While the primary purpose of the immersion blender is to puree, it can do a great deal more. Like the standard home blender it can also chop. In order to do it correctly you need a cylindrical container. You place whatever it is you want chopped inside, insert the immersion blender and cover the top with your hand. Move the blender up and down as you pulse the blade.