Benefits of Having a Truck Bed Cover

red truck with its bed cover flipped up

Protect your investment in your truck by adding a truck bed cover. This feature will not only protect the contents of your truck bed from theft, but they will also protect the material of the truck itself. A cover can improve gas mileage, helping you save money, and can add overall value to your truck.

Added Value to the Truck

A truck bed cover can add a bit of value to your truck due to the benefits that it offers. It helps prevent moisture and rust from occurring on the metal of the stock truck bed. This allows the truck to maintain a value closer to the accepted resale value of the truck according to leading authorities on the matter.

Many Styles and Varieties

If you want to add appeal to your truck then a truck bed cover is a great choice for you to do just that. You can vary the color of the truck bed style as well as the material that is used. Some truck bed covers can be sprayed on to the metal bed and others have to be drilled into the metal. Other truck bed covers are just covers to protect the stock bed. these can be as simple as a canvas or as advanced as a hydraulic cover.

Protection from the Elements

Rain, snow, hail, ice and other elements can easily damage your truck and its bed. Over time you will see rust begin to form and then you run the risk of holes appearing. A truck bed cover will protect the bed of the truck from these harsh conditions which will increase the life of the bed. The UV rays from the sun can also damage your truck bed and the truck bed cover will help keep the UV rays away. If you store items in your truck bed overnight then a truck bed cover will help you keep those items safe from elements.

Theft Deterrent

One of the reasons you purchase a truck is because you do a lot of hauling and, as such, you keep things in the bed of your truck. Another reason is because it is work related. If you are a construction worker you will have your tools and other items stored ini the bed of your truck. Adding a truck bed cover will go a long way to prevent someone from easily walking away with your property. Many of the truck bed covers on the market come equipped with a key or electronic lock. Other varieties allow the use of a steel cable to lock it down much like a bike lock.


The warranty on your truck won't last that long after your purchase of the truck. Under many warranties from the dealer they will not even cover the truck bed because it is easily wrecked. If you add a truck bed liner and cover to the truck you will normally get a warranty along with it. Many manufacturers will even offer a lifetime warranty.

Better Gas Mileage

A truck bed cover decreases wind resistance which increases the amount of miles you get per gallon of gas.