Benefits of Landscape Fabric

Black landscaping fabric.

Changing your yard from a weedy mess to a neat and tidy landscape is easiest if you use landscaping fabric.

Landscaping fabric is made up of a tightly woven plastic fabric that basically makes it very hard, if not impossible, for new growth to gain access to the surface. It comes in a variety of grades. It is a good idea to purchase the best fabric that you can afford as some of them last much longer than others, and are more tightly woven. Here are a few tips for using landscaping fabric.

1. Place Over Sand

The landscaping fabric needs to be placed over a freshly graded surface, preferably a thin layer of sand. Sand will keep the fabric from tearing over the years. If you place the landscaping fabric over a rocky surface, wear may cause the rocks to create holes in the fabric that weeds can grow through.

2. Cover the Fabric

The fabric will need to be covered within three days of being put down. Ultraviolet radiation will degrade the plastics quickly and may create a weaker weed blocking layer.

3. Do Not Add Plastic

Do not place sheet plastic over the landscaping fabric. It is designed to let moisture wick through the surface, and sheet plastic will create areas where mold can develop.

4. Use Wood Chips

You can cover the landscaping fabric with wood chips, brick, or gravel. Areas that demand a lot of traffic are best covered with a solid surface, such as brick or flagstone. This keeps the fabric from being pierced.