Benefits Of Organic Weed Killer

Use organic weed killer when maintaining your flower and vegetable gardens. Organic gardening has a lot of advantages.

Though these alternatives may seem too simple to be beneficial, they really are. Not only will organic weed solutions help the environment by emitting fewer harmful chemicals, but they will also help you grow healthier flowers and produce.

Saves You Money

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You don't need to waste money on commercial herbicides. Instead, create your own household solutions. Try spraying vinegar directly on weeds, as this is a natural and safe alternative to chemicals. Take care not to spray your other plants, as the vinegar can harm them just as it does the weeds.


If chemical weed killers settle on your plants, your produce can be dangerous to ingest. Even if you rinse off your vegetables, non-organic solutions can seep into the soil and affect all the plants in a bed or garden.

Connection to Your Garden

Even after the landscape fabric and mulch is in place, weeds still may come through. Rather than using chemicals to take care of this problem, get your garden gloves out and start pulling. Working this closely with your plants will also alert you to other problems, like root rot or pest infestations.

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