Benefits of Split Level House Plans

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Although there are many different varieties of split level house plans, all of them tend to share similar features. Among their common traits are attached garages, two stories, a basement or bottom level that is partially submerged, and their asymmetry. Split level homes can be in the ranch, craftsman, or another style while still being considered split level. While typically having two stories, some designs incorporate levels in between the stories. You might see a split level home with a bottom basement level, a main level, and a smaller level with the bedrooms. Oftentimes the entryway is on its own level too. The different designs aside, there are a number of benefits associated with split level house plans. From square footage to better utilization of the lot, split level homes are intriguing in that they offer plenty of practical space while being adaptable to custom decoration.


The first and most obvious benefit of split level house plans is the amount of space they contain. Known as good homes for people with children, split levels almost have as much square footage on the bottom floor as they do on the top. Whether the design is simply one floor on top of the other with a connecting staircase or a more asymmetrical multi-leveled version, split level homes are laid out well and make full use of the space available.


The layout of split levels is another benefit. While the bedrooms are typically on the upper floor along with the kitchen, dining room, living room, and one or more bathrooms, the bottom floor contains the laundry room, garage, large family room and often another bedroom and bathroom. For parents with children, the family room becomes the playroom, a place where the kids can go and be out of the way. Since the garage is attached and on the same level as the basement, it can be accessed easily via a doorway. This has the double benefit of saving space on your lot. An unattached garage occupies a lot of space on a lot that could otherwise be used for a garden or lawn. With split level plans the entirety of the home is self-contained.

Upkeep and Adaptability

Split level homes require straightforward maintenance and upkeep. Many of the same design features used in ranch homes are found in split levels, so maintaining the working parts of your home is not overly expensive. That being said, the home is easily adaptable. Split levels are not homes with the most adorning features. New or used designs offer a clean slate, a chance for the homeowner to customize it. This could be interior modifications or the addition of a deck, patio or simply repainting.

Split level house plans offer many benefits. An abundance of space is perhaps the most compelling, as the homes are especially popular among homebuyers with children. With split level designs, you get the most out of what is available to you and have the ability to upgrade and adapt your home in whatever way suits you.