Benefits of Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo floors have been in use since their creation hundreds of years ago by stone masons but terrazzo countertops have only come into use recently. Terrazzo countertops have not differed much from terrazzo floors in how they are made. The use of terrazzo countertops is growing in popularity among the house flipper community due to their versatile nature. The article that follows will lay out just why terrazzo countertops are beneficial to you as a homeowner.

Going Green with Terrazzo Countertops

The very nature of terrazzo floors is built on the idea of being green. This applies to terrazzo countertops as well. Hundreds of years ago, when the stone masons first came up with terrazzo floors, it was a way to recycle materials. They wanted to maximize the product they were using. The wealthy would order elaborate floors made from marble as well as pieces of furniture and statues. The excess marble was carted away from the stone masons and later combined with concrete then coated with goat's milk to give it shine. The idea behind terrazzo countertops is the same. Besides using concrete they still recycle bits of marble and glass to make terrazzo countertops. These countertops are one of the greenest additions to your home you can make.

Heat Resistant

Countertops that do not conduct or maintain heat is very important to a homeowner. Marble has a tendency to maintain heat for a period of time and tile even more so. Terrazzo countertops, however, do not. The countertops made from these materials cool down quite rapidly and do not conduct heat as well as its cousin. Terrazzo counters will also not scorch and darken if you set a hot object directly on the surface without a heat pad.

Resistant to Scratches

Marble and granite are very easy to scratch but due to the high content of glass and concrete; terrazzo countertops withstand more abuse. Sliding pots and pans over the surface or dropping utensils on it will not cause scratches to appear. When scratches do appear you can buff most of them out with a chamois.

Stain Resistant

Stone countertops are notorious for attracting stains like a magnet. Terrazzo countertops can stain just like all of the others but they stand up longer than the others. You have to seal the countertops correctly in order for them to maintain their resistance to staining and have to do try to do it monthly.

Beauty without the Expense

Terrazzo countertops are mostly made from recycled glass with cement or resin as a binder along with flecks of marble. The combination of glass in various colors and styles and marble give terrazzo countertops a beautifully unique pattern. Many love these countertops because they resemble marble countertops but due to the recycled materials they are not as expensive. This fact alone makes it a great product for flippers. They can install terrazzo countertops to increase the value of their flip while creating the beauty and feel of marble. Add terrazzo flooring and you will have an extravagant space without the price.