Benefits of Upgrading to a Cold-air Intake System

cold-air intake system
  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-200

When you drive your car off the lot, it does not come equipped with a cold-air intake system. This addition is an aftermarket or custom edition, and you can even make your own. Whether you make your own or purchase an aftermarket system, there are many benefits to installing one. Check out a few of these benefits below.

Increase Your Throttle

When you are stopped at a light or stop sign, or driving up a hill, you need more power to get going. With a stock-air system, your car sends warm air into the combustion chamber. This makes the vehicle response time slower than it could be from the engine. However, with cold-air intake systems, there is the possibility for more air ready for combustion; therefore, you can possibly reach your desired speed quicker than with a stock system.

Get More Horsepower

Cooler air is more conducive to burning fuel because it's packed with more oxygen. Thus, cooler air allows an even fuel-burning process, which, in turn, increases power. This is because power is increased by approximately 1-percent for every 10 degrees the air is cooler. However, with the stock system in your car, you are burning warm air. So, when you add the cold-air intake system, you will notice that your vehicle has increased power when you press on the gas pedal. This is just one of the many benefits installation of an aftermarket system will bring.

Get Increased Gas Mileage

Warm air is less dense than cool, which means the ratio of fuel to air is not as good as it could be if you had a cold-air intake system. When you add one of these systems, you are creating a better gas-to-fuel ratio in the fuel line. This means that your mileage will increase, as the mixture is burned more efficiently. Better mileage means spending less money at the gas pump.

Spend Less Money on Filters

The filter on a cold-air intake system is easily removed and cleaned. You simply have to remove the filter, wash it off in mild soapy water, and rinse it in cool water. Be sure to read the instruction book on how to re-oil the filter. Cleaning your own filter will save you money because your old vehicle requires that you replace the filter every 15,000 miles.

Get Better Car Performance Overall

With a stock-air intake system, you are circulating hot air through the entire engine. This can cause rubber hoses to dry and crack. There are myriad other things that can be damaged due to warm air. A cold-air intake system delivers cold air that cools the internal components of the engine rather than heating them. The internal components will take less stress and last slightly longer.

Enjoy an Easy Installation Process

Adding a cold-air intake system only takes a few steps if you know what you're doing. Just prep for installation, remove the stock-air intake system, and install the new cold-air system by using the manual or easy DIY installation steps.