Benefits of Using an Electric Impact Wrench

a blue Electric Impact Wrench

There are many reasons why a person would choose to buy an electric impact wrench. They operate in much the same way as a power drill, sander or air gun used by tire shops for changing wheels. Basically, they minimize the amount of exertion that is normally associated with using a non-electric socket wrench. It has a torque force which utilizes the power to turn and tighten a socket, rather than having to do it manually.


Mechanics can benefit from the use of an electric impact wrench because it saves time as well as effort when loosening bolts to remove parts of the engine. Also it is handy for tightening them back on again. The average socket set has a hand wrench with a ratchet which can be set to tighten or loosen. Using an electric impact wrench is all automatic. Simply select the direction it will go and pull the trigger. It is exactly the same as using a drill, but has higher torque and stronger impact. It can cut service time on a vehicle by quite a considerable amount of time.

Home Users

Although home users might not implement the electric impact wrench as regularly as a mechanic would, they can still find plenty of benefits for such an item. Depending on the cost of your electric impact wrench you will reap more benefits. Cheaper models have slightly less torque power and some will be unable to cope with the removal of lug nuts that were attached with an air powered impact wrench. The higher end versions will have more power and will cope with such projects. Electrical impact wrenches are not exactly cheap, however, and the mid-range brands run from over $100 and upward.


A major benefit of electrical impact wrenches is that they can come in a cordless variety, which offers even more freedom to embark on a project, without getting the cord in the way. If you are on the road and you need to change a tire, you can use the cordless impact wrench to quickly remove lugs nuts and replace the wheel (again, this is dependent on the strength and ability of the impact wrench that you purchase.


While most electric impact wrenches only come with four fittings (usually comprising of a ½-inch to 1-inch sockets) this does not mean they are not expandable. If you have a non-power socket set with a step-down or step-up adapter, you can attach it to an extension with a socket on the far end if you need to get into smaller gaps between engine parts. This will reduce the chances of you getting oil on your arms, having to reach down manually.


If you own or are thinking of buying an electric impact wrench for use on a construction site you are in a good position. Not all construction sites will be large enough to warrant a huge air compressor, so having access to an electrical impact wrench will give you an advantage if the need arises to have one on hand. It will plug in to a regular electrical outlet or run on batteries for ease of use.