Benefits of Using Brazilian Slate Floor Tiles

Brazilian slate floor tiles are among the most popular types of slate tiles used in the flooring of many buildings and households. The popularity of these types of tiles spring from the fact that they provide a lot of benefits that may not be present in other types of tile-flooring materials. Below are some of the many beneficial characteristics of the Brazilian slate floor tiles.

Superior Quality

Brazilian slate floor tiles are the hardest and most durable slates available in the market. They are not readily susceptible to damage that may be incurred through everyday traffic and activities. They can be expected to last for years even with constant exposure to various harsh elements of the environment.

Aesthetic Appeal and Flexibility

Brazilian slates are known for the kind of beauty they possess. These tiles are available in different makes; they can be rough and tough or smooth and shiny. People will find the kind of texture that will best suit their needs with these kinds of flooring materials. Moreover, Brazilian slate tiles have an aesthetic appeal that truly brings out the elegance and finesse of a room. Their beauty does not fade with age; on the contrary, they become more beautiful after years of use. Whatever preference a person has, there is always a type of Brazilian slate that will suit his or her style and design needs.

Wide Color and Shade Variety

Some types of slate tiles are available only in one color - grey. Brazilian tiles, however, come in a wide variety of color, shades, and hue. Some of the most common colors of these kinds of tiles include green, cyan, yellow, blue, and purple. People who have a particular color, shade, and hue preference will definitely find what they need in the large selections that Brazilian slate tiles offer.

Non-slip Property

Brazilian slate tiles are made with non-slip characteristics; therefore, they offer better protection against unwanted accidents that may be caused by accidental slips on the tiled floor. These characteristic makes Brazilian slates one of the leading flooring materials for use in areas where there may be constant traffic and where the tiles may be constantly subjected to water and any other liquid matter, such as the bathrooms.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installation of these types of tiles is relatively easy. Any average individual can easily install Brazilian tiles without going through to so much trouble and without spending too much time in the process. These tiles also do not need to be subjected to mud-setting, a process which may require a lot of time  to perform.

Heat Resistant Properties 

Brazilian tiles have powerful insulating and heat-resistant properties. They can transfer heat rapidly causing them to warm faster. Moreover, they retain heat for a longer period of time, making them a good choice for under floor heating. 

The only downside to using Brazilian slate floor tiles is their cost. These tiles tend to be very expensive. In the long run, however, they will prove to be a good investment because of the different benefits and advantages they offer. They can be used for generations to generations without losing their aesthetic appeal and functionality.