Berber Carpet Maintenance

Berber carpet is named after a North African tribe of people called the Berbers. This tribe used to produce Berber carpets from camel hair and wool, thousands of years ago. Berber carpets are renowned for their high resistance to rough use, and their unique patterns composed of looped piles and varying tufts of fabric. These carpets are ideal choices for high traffic areas in a home, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

However, Berber carpets also require some maintenance and care. Berber carpets are traditionally made of wool or camel hair, which make for expensive choices. Newer Berber carpets are also made of olefin and nylon. Depending on the quality, durability and attractiveness of the carpet, prices can range from high-end to low and affordable. However, the cheaper carpets may unravel faster, and are not as tough.

Clean Regularly

The best way to keep your Berber carpet maintenance manageable is to clean it from time to time with your vacuum cleaner. The structure of Berber carpets usually makes it difficult for dust and grime to settle inside, so regular vacuum cleaning is beneficial. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with beater bars or brushes, as they can damage the fabric quickly. If one loop untangles, the process of unraveling can be quick and non-repairable.

Keep Sharp Objects Away

Berber carpets do not react well to objects being dragged on the surface or poked in the fiber. Do not allow children to poke toys in the carpet. If you have pets, keep them away from the carpet, as sharp claws and teeth can inflict permanent damage to the Berber carpet. Avoid walking on the carpet with your outdoor shoes on. Avoid eating or drinking near the carpet, as any spills will be absorbed by the carpet.

Protect from Oils and Stains

If subjected to oil spills and other stains, Berber carpets have a tendency to soak up the spill, which bonds with the material. It can be difficult to remove such stains, especially if they are not tackled immediately. To tackle a spill on the carpet, blot a dry paper towel on it. Never rub, as it will cause discoloration. Keep oils, paints and other staining materials away from your Berber carpet.

Steam Clean Olefin Berber Carpets

Steam cleaning is the most suitable for Berber carpets that are made of olefin. This material has a low moisture absorption level, and steam cleaning can get most of the grime and dirt out of the carpet. Olefin carpets also dry very fast.

Dry Clean Nylon Berber Carpets

Nylon Berber carpets are more expensive than olefin, and are better looking and longer lasting. Dry cleaning or professional carpet cleaning is recommended for nylon Berber carpets.

Have Wool Berber Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Wool Berber carpets are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and authentic. These carpets are rising in price and are not easy to find, so it is important to preserve them with utmost care. In addition to regular cleaning with a high-suction vacuum cleaner, have your wool Berber carpet cleaned professionally by a carpet cleaner.