Best Carpet for Boats

Boat carpet needs to be hard wearing, durable and most important, waterproof. There are several types of carpet you may wish to consider when looking to carpet your boat dependent on your budget and requirements. This article should help you decide which carpet is best for you.

Carpet with Superior Quality

Boat carpet comes in different weights. The weight of the carpet will help you identify how many fibers the carpet has. For instance, a 20oz carpet will have twice as many fibers as a 10oz carpet. Heavier carpets are better quality and will have denser material. You should also make sure that the carpet has good quality rubber backing to prevent any water or moisture seeping through to the deck of your boat.

Carpets with Textures

The best type of marine-grade carpets are textured to help with stain resistance and fading. Boat carpet can be easily damaged by the weather and general wear and tear. A good texture will help prevent damage and will also provide a safe non-slip surface for you. The carpet should also have a protective layer against UV rays.

Carpets with Easy Installation

When you are purchasing boat carpet, look for carpet that is easily installed. The best carpets for installation will come with a pre-glued rubber backing or will simply snap on to your boat floor.