Best Colors for Patio Tables and Chairs

When choosing the best colors for patio tables and chairs decide whether or not you would like your furnishings to blend into your patio setting or stand apart as the centerpiece of your backyard. If you have a beautiful, lush garden or the main focus on the back patio is nature, you'll probably want to go with something that coordinates and blends in with the surroundings, bringing more attention to the environment then your patio set. However, if you're looking for a bold statement and you plan on hosting barbecues and entertaining friends, you may want the focus to be on the furniture and how it relates with your entertainment decor.

Types of Patio Furniture

Plastic furniture limits your color options and there's no use in painting over it, as there is no paint that will stick to it without peeling.

Wood furniture is probably better off stained. There is a large selection of colored stains to choose from. By virtue of being wood, the furniture will already blend into a natural setting. You can paint on wood, but you'll want to start with a prime coat and use an exterior paint.

Metal and Rattan are the most common surfaces to paint on. Both are easy to spray paint, though it will take several layers with drying time in between to make it look as solid as the color you choose to paint. If you are starting with rusty metal furniture, you will need to sand down the rust and consider using a prime coat before spray painting. Enamel paint is also an option, however the downfall of enamel is that many brands are sticky to the touch and flake over time, which means more upkeep.

WARNING: Wood stains or spray paint can not only stain your hands, they're often toxic if you breathe them in or get them in your eyes. Remember to wear face mask, gloves and safety goggles when using spray paint or applying wood stains.

Color Ideas for Patio Furniture

Natural colors such as lush forest greens look beautiful on furniture. You can choose pillows that either match, such as green and white striped pillows on dark green metal, or make a classy relaxing statement by choosing metallic or off-white fabric pillows.

Dark blues work well with nautical themes. If you have a swimming pool and want to keep a refreshing and cool feel, this is perfect. Another natural color, chocolate brown, is a beautiful choice for patio furniture when matched with ivory or metallic pillows.

White is another popular color, especially for rattan. White works with any other color and always looks fresh and inviting. The downside to white is that you'll need to repaint your furniture yearly if sits in the sun.

Vivid colors are relatively new for outdoor furniture. Bright oranges and reds look fantastic when there are fiesta lights or lanterns hanging above. It's popular these days to create themes and infuse colors to help accent. Jewel-tone violets look dramatic when paired with bright yellow and orange pillows. These funky, bold colors will bring more attention to where the party is and make it easy to set up for birthdays and other festivities.

You may also consider painting simplified patterns on the tables and chairs. Find solid bold colored plates and sleek glassware to complete the look.