Best Drain Inlet Design for Your Home

An inlet drain is an essential tool used for landscaping. Landscaping is not only about making the exterior of the home look beautiful and attractive, but it is also about making the home safe from the damaging effects of external elements such as rain water. When a storm comes, water usually floods the surfaces of the lawn, the garden, and other areas outside the home if the drainage system is not properly installed. Installing an inlet drain or a series of inlet drains may not destroy the appearance of the landscape if proper selection of drainage materials is considered. Read on for more information on the best drain inlet design for your home.

Using Catch Basins and Grates

Gutters collect water from roofs and sends them running down through the downspouts. Usually, water from downspouts causes flooding when drain inlets are not installed right on the ground where the water comes down. This poses risk of damage to the walls because water may seep into the damages or cracks. A solution to the problem without compromising the outward appearance of the area is to install catch basins and grates. These drainage systems catch the water from the downspouts and channel them to the drainage line and the sewer line. The inlet drain can be small or large depending on the size chosen by the homeowner. To beautify the area around the drain, pebbles or pea gravel can be placed around it. Another way to make it look ornamental is to plant grass around the surrounding area.

Some homeowners have gardens outside the home or just outside the walls of the home. When these gardens are flooded with rain water, the roots become overwatered and may eventually rot. To protect these plants from damage, it is best to install catch basins and atrium grates as well on the sides of the gardens. Atrium grates provide ornamental value to the landscape because these drainage systems look like half-hidden spheres or balls stuck into the ground.

Using Channel Drains and Grates

Driveways and walkways are also part of the external landscape of the home that may be affected by rainwater and flooding. These driveways and walkways do not look attractive at all when flooded. However, there are ways to ensure that these pathways remain free from flooding. The best solution to the problem is to install channel drains and grates. These inlet drain systems collect water from the driveways and send them straight to the sewer line. The grates on the channel drains also provide a nice view on these pathways.

New driveways and walkways need to be installed with these drain inlets to avoid flooding in the future. If the pathways are already made, but without having channel drains and grates installed, this can also be remedied by digging a trench on the pathway and installing the drainage system after. Just remember to provide a slightly sloping surface that allows water to run down the inlet drain installed.