Best Home Kits for Structural Insulated Panels

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If you are about to build a new home, you may want to consider using structural insulated panels (SIP) for the construction. There are many types of home kits you can purchase that include all the materials, instructions, and a list of tools that you need to complete the job on your own. Homes that are built in this manner are very energy efficient, which is what you need to cut down on the cost of your utility bills. This is because the foam insulation on the exterior walls keeps the cold air from penetrating the interior. They are also much easier to build with and the house can be framed up very quickly.

Panels from the Panel Factory

The Panel Factory is a company that specializes in the development of structural insulated panels. Therefore, you can be sure that when you purchase a home kit from this supplier you are getting one of the best kits possible. You can choose panels that are available in sizes from 4 x 8 feet up to 8 x 24 feet in various standard thicknesses up to 12-1/4 inches, but also in custom thicknesses. Some panels do not have the cutouts you need for electrical outlets, windows, and doors while others do. Those that do also include the lumber spines you need to join the panels together.

When you decide to buy a home kit from the Panel Factory you can choose from many different floor plans. This eliminates the need for purchasing blueprints and then trying to buy the panels to match. Each kit includes the panels for the walls and the roof and each one is ready to assemble on site.

Home kits from SIP Home Systems

The kits from SIP Home Systems for structural insulated panels are reputed to be far more efficient at keeping out drafts than regular home construction methods. The panels are also much stronger than the usual materials used in building houses, and you can frame up the home in far less time. The walls will be stronger and able to withstand forceful winds.

By using this company for the purchase of your home kit, you can design your own dream home. The experts at the company will take the design and determine the size and number of panels that you need. In this way, you have a home kit that is designed just for you.

Kits from Superior Insulated Shipping

Superior Insulated Shipping will deliver the structural insulated panel kit you order to any part of the world. This is one of the main advantages of using this company, but the materials in the kits are also above the industry standards. The panels can be customized according to your needs and the design of your home. You can send in your blueprints and get a free quote on the cost.

Whether you want a very contemporary style home or a log cabin, Superior Insulated Shipping can develop the panels for your new home. The building materials are also environmentally friendly as well as being insect repellant.