Best Material to Use for a Travel Clothesline

One of the greatest challenges for a traveler is often having clean clothes to wear every day, but this can be made averted by a travel clothesline. Airlines are charging increasing luggage fees, and often a traveler is only able to bring a minimal amount of luggage. They are forced to wash their own clothes in order to have clean clothes to wear every day. Unless they are able to locate a self-service laundry facility, they will have to wash the clothes in a sink and hang them to dry overnight. They must creatively find a location for a travel clothesline.


An ordinary length of string or twine can serve nicely as a travel clothesline. It can be strung between two suction cups and hung in a bathroom. You can also tie loops on each end of the string and hang the loops over doorknobs, shower heads, or hooks. You will need to remember to pack or purchase clothespins to hang the clothes on this.

Rubber Bands

If you forget to pack a clothesline or just want to create a unique clothesline, you can do so with a package of rubber bands. Tying the rubber bands end-to-end will create a reasonably strong clothesline with built in loops on the ends that can be attached to a shower head or towel rack. Most pieces of clothing can be threaded into the clothesline’s loops, eliminating the need for clothespins.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are elastic with metal or plastic hooks on each end. They are named for their elasticity. An inexpensive bungee cord can be strung across a bathroom or in the corner of the room, creating a low-cost and easy-to-pack travel clothesline.