Best Materials for a Silver Polishing Cloth

a stack of pink, blue, and yellow cloths

When it comes to your best silver jewelry or silverware, you want to make sure that you are using the most gentle and effective silver polishing cloth possible. Here are a few materials that you should use, as well as ones to avoid.

Cotton Flannel

This is the best possible material for cleaning your silver. It is soft, works well with cleaner, and is easy to find. A 100% cotton flannel will allow you to clean your silver most efficiently while, at the same time, keeping it in tip-top shape.

Diaper Cloth

The same material that is used as diapers will work wonders for your silver too. It is soft enough for a baby, so it works well to clean and get rid of any dirt.

Tip: Stay Away from Rubber

Stay away from rubber if you are cleaning silver. This material is often used unwittingly and unintentionally in the form of gloves. Rubber will harm your silver and allow it to corrode.

Following these tips on which materials to use will ensure that you can show off your silver for years to come.