Best Place to Hang a Hose Reel

A hose reel.

A hose reel is an organizational tool that is used to keep garden hoses rolled up neatly and off of the ground. This helps to prevent grass kill and discoloration caused by a heavy hose compressing your grass, it makes setting up your garden hose for watering easier to do and it also makes storing your hose after use quick and simple. However, before you buy a water hose reel it is important to think about the best places to position your hose reel as it will impact its convenience and safety.

Over a Water Spout

One of the most popular places to position a hose reel is directly over a water spout. This position keeps your water hose off of the ground and it makes connecting your hose to the spout easy to do. This position is not only practical but it is also very convenient, especially for those who have a hard time bending over. By raising the hose off of the ground you won’t have to bend over to pick up the head of the water hose in order to connect it to a sprinkler or a nozzle.

Next to a Water Spout

Another place that you can locate your hose reel is next to a water spout. If you position the hose reel to the side of a water spout you can avoid space issues that may relate to the height clearance found above the water spout. For example, if the spout is positioned under a window there may not be enough space to install a large hose reel above the spout. This option also allows you to position your hose reel so that it is not over a basement window well or behind a bush.

On the Ground

In addition to hose reels that are installed on a structure, there are hose reel models that are stand-alone units. These units have a stand that keeps the hose reel secure without needing to be screwed onto your house. This is a great option for rental properties, for historical homes and for properties with stone or brick exteriors. The ground models of hose reels are great in that they can be easily moved from one spot to another. This means that you can use the hose reel to manage your water hose in your driveway when washing your vehicles or you can wheel the hose reel to your backyard to manage the water hose when you are watering your lawn or garden.

In Your Garage

Another great place to locate your hose reel is inside of your garage. This option will be used for storing your garden hoses during the winter months. You can set up your garage hose reel in a corner of your garage where it is out of the way. If you don’t have a garage you can also install a storage hose reel under your carport or in a shed. Before storing your water hoses for the winter make sure you let all of the water drain out of the hoses before rolling them up in the hose reel. This will prevent your hoses from cracking when the temperature drops below freezing.