Best Sealers to Use When Sanding Hardwood Floors

Someone sands hardwood floors.

When it comes to sanding hardwood floors, there are a number of different sealers that you could apply when you are finished. The quality of the sealer has a lot to do with the overall performance of the wood floor after you are done refinishing it. Here are some of the best sealers that you can use when sanding a hardwood floor.

Oil-Modified Urethane

Oil-modified urethane is a type of hardwood sealer that is commonly used in the industry today. In fact, more people use this type of sealer than all of the other types of finishes that are available. With this type of urethane sealer, you can expect it to dry in about eight hours after applying it to the wood floor. You can also get this type of sealer in different levels of gloss. This type of finish is also very easy to apply to the floor.

Moisture-Cured Urethane

Moisture-cured urethane is one of the most durable types of hardwood finishes that is available. This type of finish is a little bit more difficult to apply for the average person. Professionals often apply this type of finish. One of the big benefits of this type of urethane is that it does not turn yellow or amber over time. This type of floor can also take a long time to cure depending on the amount of moisture in the air.

Water-Based Urethane

Water-based urethane is a type of finish that is considered to be a little bit nicer to work with. It will dry in as little as two hours. Water-based urethane is resistant to moisture and it is also very durable. This type of finish usually costs a little bit more than some of the other finishes that are available on the market.

Penetrating Oil Sealers

Penetrating oil sealers are another type of sealer that you could use for finishing hardwood floors after sanding them. This type of finish often comes with a color in it and is used by individuals that want to seal and stain the floor at the same time. Using this type of sealer can significantly speed up the process of staining and refinishing as everything is done in one step.

When you utilize this type of sealer, you need to put it on the floor and then allow it to absorb and penetrate down into the wood. This will fill up the pores in the wood and make it a more dense structure. Many people like this type of finish because it helps the wood become a bit harder on the surface which limits the number of scratches.


Wax is another type of finish that you could use on a hardwood floor. This type of finish has been used longer than any of the other finishes that are available. You can easily apply this to the hardwood floor and it is also one of the least expensive finishes on the market.