Choosing the Best Toilet

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A toilet is a toilet is a toilet, right? Not on your life! Today, there are more than 20 types of toilets on the market, from ordinary gravity flush toilets to environmentally friendly alternatives.

How to Decide

So how do you choose the best toilet for your home? Determine how much room to allot for your toilet. Some toilets are tankless and can be affixed to a wall, increasing knee space for the user. Some toilets actually have a bowl rim that is 2 or 3-inches higher than the standard model, making it easier for handicapped and elderly people to use.

Not only are there sleeker styles offered by European manufacturers, but you can buy either a multi-piece toilet. 1-piece toilets are reputed to be easier to clean, while 2-piece toilets are easier to repair. Also, consider the environment. There are low and no-water toilets for a price range from $100 to $1300.