Best Tree Pruning Materials

Tree pruning is when you have to trim or cut off the branches of a tree. Pruning can be necessary for a variety of reasons. It could be because the tree branches are damaged after a storm. It might also be necessary because the tree has become a safety hazard, and the branches are hanging over your house, or maybe it’s just because you want to shape the tree to make it more rounded. Whatever the reason the tree must be pruned, there are several things that must be considered.

First, safety is a major factor when it comes to removing tree branches. You should always wear eye protection and heavy work gloves. Be sure any ladder you use is sturdy and balanced. You should have a partner to help hold and steady the ladder. You also need to stay out of the way of the falling branches as they are trimmed or cut off from the tree. If the job is too much for you to handle, you should consider hiring a professional.

If you have decided to do the job yourself, there are several types of materials you can use to prune a tree. Here are some examples:

Rope Saw

A rope saw is a saw made of a length of chain that has handles at the end of each side. It is a safer way to prune the branches of a tall tree because you don’t have to climb up the tree to cut the limbs. You merely wrap the chain portion of the rope saw over the limb you want to cut and saw it off. Just be careful not to stand directly under a branch while you are cutting it off.

Pole Pruner

A standard pole pruner is a cutting tool attached to the end of a long pole. It usually has a long blade on it for cutting large limbs and a short topper blade to cut smaller limbs. The blade comes in different lengths and can be attached to whatever length of pole you desire. The pole pruner looks like a giant pair of shears, and you merely put the blades around the limb you want to cut and use it in the same fashion.

Folding Pruner

A more versatile type of pole pruner is the folder version. It can be attached to a pole and reached up into the branches of a tree to cut the limbs. The blade is usually about 10 inches in length and has a push button on it to open and close the blade.

Portable Buck Saw

Buck saws are lightweight and portable, so it is a good choice for homeowners. It comes in an 18-inch or a 24-inch size and is collapsible for easy storage. Just put the blade up against the tree branch that needs to be cut and saw it using the buck saw blade. Depending on the blade length chosen for your tree pruning, you can cut a limb that is up to 15 inches in diameter.